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The Bush family became involved in the furniture industry when Kyle Bush, father of Hollis Bush, owner of Bushline Furniture, began selling bedroom furniture for Morristown Chest Company in Morristown, Tennessee in 1949. Kyleworked for this company in a sales capacity until his death in July of 1959.

In those days, unlike today, some furniture companies sold from a truck that ran a route selling to stores every four weeks. In1958, Kyle's oldest son Letton, began working for the same company on his own route. In 1963, Hollis and his brother, Letton opened a furniture store which Hollis operated. Upon Hollis’s graduation from college, the store was closed and Hollis spent the next four years teaching school.

In 1970, Hollis and his brother, Letton, began Bushline Manufacturing in an old general store building in Lone Mountain, Tennessee with about 6000 square feet of floor space and 6 employees. Since then Bushline has grown into their current facilities of about 200,000 square feet.

The year 2000 brought about the retirement of Letton and the beginning of the new “Bushline Furniture”, a sole ownership corporation. Our facilities are well staffed with competent, experienced personal dedicated to the satisfactionof our customers. After 15 years of the new century, we continue to look forward to a prosperous century for Bushline Furniture and our greatly appreciated dealers.
History of Bushline